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Last 3 minutes and 20 seconds of Kobe's career!


Many kids watched him and because of him started to play and love basketball. He is an idol of many kids and so many people who have grown up. He marked an era in NBA. Kobe Bryant is one the best players that played in the NBA and he will be remembered forever.

This season will be remembered for, besides Golden State Warriors chasing Bulls record, Kobe's farewell. He announced retirement at the beginning of the last season and every city where he played he got ovations and applauses. Even in Portland, who booed him every time. But, regular fans of NBA can recognize a legend and Bryant is one for sure.

And the final game was a crown of the season. Everyone wanted to witness Kobe's last game. Tickets prices went enormously high. Two courtside seats were sold for $27.500 each. Average tickets price for this game was $1.400 versus $200, which is the price for the normal game. Lakers send off their legend like he deserved, for not leaving Lakers and playing consecutive 20 seasons for them. Loyalty over royalty.

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We present you last 140 seconds of Kobe's last game. This is one remarkable moment when Kobe scored 15 consecutive points for a big comeback. Lakers won the game at the end because of Kobe's shooting rhapsody in last 3 minutes and 20 seconds of his last game in a career.