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Larry Nance Sr. Wants To Give His Son His Retired Number


The whole point of retiring a number is to make sure it is never worn by another player in that franchise again. It's a symbol of honor, in recognition of a great player who made a significant difference for the team in question.

But for Larry Nance, he's willing to make an exception.

Here's what he said on Golic and Wingo regarding the state of his retired jersey number for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

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“Well, it really wasn’t a conversation because as soon as he called me and let me now that he got traded here, I called the Cavs and said, ‘He can have the number. Please, give him the number.’ And I think he was calling, saying, ‘My dad deserves to keep that up there.' But I got this summer." the proud Dad continued. "I’m gonna to just let him wear 24, and hopefully this summer I’m gonna to work on him all summer because I would be nothing prouder if he just had that number on his back. He’s wore it his whole career. Well, he had to wear No. 7 in L.A. But I would be proud if he wore it. I think he respects me, so we’re just going to have that conversation a lot this summer, and hopefully I can talk him into it.”

Out of respect for his Dad, Larry Nance Jr. refuses to wear the number for now. But how cool would it be if he was convinced to do so?

It would surely be an NBA moment we won't soon forget.