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Larry Nance Jr. Completely Ignores Kid Asking For Autograph


Well, this video definitely isn't a great look on one of Cleveland's newest additions.

As with any well-known celebrity or athlete, getting approached by strangers for autographs and pictures is just part of everyday life. It's not every day a fan crosses path with their favorite basketball player, so it's understandable why they'd want to immortalize that moment with a quick snap or signature on something. But it doesn't seem that Larry Nance Jr. has gotten used to that aspect of NBA life just yet.

Nance Jr. -- who was recently brought in alongside Jordan Clarkson from Los Angeles in a trade deadline deal that saw Isaiah Thomas head to the Lakers -- may have a hard time winning over Cleveland fans again, after the 25-year-old forward was filmed completely disregarding a child who wanted an autograph.

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The kid is obviously upset that one of his favorite players said no to an autograph, and comes back to his mother with a dejected look on his face. We will say though that just because Nance Jr. is an NBA player, doesn't mean he's entitled to drop everything to please fans that approach him out of nowhere, even if they are kids. Cases of parents using their kids to get player's autographs on basketballs and jerseys to only sell them online have become increasingly prevalent, which may be why Larry refused to acknowledge the young man. The fan's day wasn't completely ruined however, as he managed to snag an autograph and quick conversation with All-Star Kevin Love later that day, and Larry Nance Jr. did actually end up apologizing to the child and his mother on Instagram, and said he would make it up to them.

All's well that ends well!