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Lakers Legend Responds To Kevin Durant Saying He'd Replace Him On Showtime Lakers


There seems to be no love lost between Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and former Showtime Laker and Finals MVP James Worthy.

Durant, who is coming off his own Finals MVP season, recently sat down with Bill Simmons on The Bill Simmons Podcast and was asked what historical NBA team KD would join if he could. Durant responded with "I would take Worthy's spot on the teams with Magic."

James Worthy, who has had previous verbal spouts with Durant in the past, didn't take these comments too kindly.

Worthy described it as "ludicrous" that Durant would take his spot on the Showtime Lakers, and seemed to interpret the comments as insults thrown at him by KD.

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"I think that’s ludicrous," the Hall of Famer told TMZ Sports. "I don’t know how he came to that conclusion, but I disagree."

The tension between the two may stem from when Worthy spoke out regarding his dislike for Durant's move to the Warriors on a TV interview, to which KD responded by calling James "shady" and "corny", as the two had reportedly met before the TV interview, and Worthy was in full support of Kevin's move.

Despite their previous history, Durant did later correct himself on the podcast, saying he'd be better off replacing power forward Kurt Rambis instead of Worthy.

Big Game James had this to say about players who talk about the 80's and 90's era of the NBA:

"I don't really pay any attention to any of the millennial players and their thoughts about our time. They just need to hang on to what they got now and move forward."

We'll have to wait and see if KD offers a response, or the beef between the two Finals MVP's dies down for now.