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LA Latest Report: D'Angelo Russell Doesn't Want Lonzo Ball On The Los Angeles Lakers?


Los Angeles Lakers fans really believe in D'Angelo Russell and they think he has a potential to bring back LA to the NBA Playoffs (and more than that). Recently, after Lakers got the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft, many analytics wrote that they will select Lonzo Ball.

For the Lakers, things were supposed to calm down until the Free-Agency period began. But now, however, reports of a potential trade for their biggest young star, D’Angelo Russell, seem to be firing things up.

In a report by Sports Illustrated, multiple teams have begun looking at D’Angelo Russell in possible trade offers to Magic Johnson and the Lakers. Whether or not any of those trades will be taken seriously by the organization is yet to be seen, but no doubt some inciting offers will force the Lakers to at least think about a potential move.

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According to the Lakers Nation:

Russell recently liked a post from a fan that was expressing his opinion that the Lakers would be stupid to draft Ball. Russell since unliked the tweet, but word had already gotten out and the damage was done. Here is a screenshot of the tweet on Russell’s page before he unliked it:

Anti-Ball post is maybe just a beginning of the many trade rumors about D'Angelo Russell. If Los Angeles Lakers draft Lonzo Ball, they will have two young prospects in Russell and Ball, and Luke Walton will have a big problem how to share the minutes on the court.

Recently, we wrote about rumors of Jimmy Butler and D'Angelo Russell, and if Magic Johnson selects Lonzo Ball, maybe we will see Jimmy Butler in the Lakers jersey, together with Lonzo Ball.