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Kyrie's New Sneakers Have A Weird Feature, And It's Absolutely Hilarious


The Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving recently announced the newest addition in his line of Nike Kyrie basketball shoes, the Kyrie 4's -- four shoes already? Wow, how time flies.

As with any new basketball sneaker release, and basketball fashion in general, the new shoes were scrutinized heavily, as sneakerheads took to the shoes with a microscopic-like gaze to weigh up whether the shoes were a must-cop or straight trash.

The jury is still out on whether the shoes -- in terms of both performance and design -- are any good or not, but it's come to the attention of sneakerheads that the Kyrie 4's include a special detail on the inside of the tongue, and after the 'flat-earth' fiasco during last year's All-Star weekend, it's only appropriate that Kyrie somehow had to reference it with his new shoes.

Behind the tongue, there is an 'All Seeing Icon', which almost resembles the Illuminati symbol, and is apparently supposed to represent 'the search for your own answers, and not the ones given to us by the media.'

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Given all the comments Kyrie recieved when he initially made that 'flat-earth' comment last season, was including an 'All-Seeing Icon' a good idea?

If you don't remember what Kyrie said -- we're sure you do -- it went something like this:

“The Earth is flat, I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces, They lie to us.”

It seems a move to Boston hasn't changed Kyrie's opinion on the matter, even after coach Brad Stevens and teammate Gordon Hayward have openly stated that Kyrie is straight-up wrong.

Then again, Irving can believe in whatever he wants to, and if he is somehow correct in 20 years time, these shoes will be hailed as some sort of holy artifact.