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Kyrie On Playing With Love And LeBron In The All-Star Game: "It’s A Bond That Can’t Be Broken..."

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It's not exactly a secret that Kyrie Irving's tenure in Cleveland didn't end with rainbows and sunshine.

In fact, the relationship between between Kyrie and the organization as a whole is pretty much all but wrecked at this point. But in the upcoming All-Star game (thanks to the new format), Kyrie gets the opportunity to reunite with his former teammates.

One would think, after everything that's happened, that there wouldn't be much to say between the three former teammates. But when asked about his reunion, Kyrie responded in a rather unexpected way.

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"we created history..."

So even after all the drama, speculation, and conspiracy, it seems like there's no love lost between the former teammates.... at least that's what they'd have us believe.