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Kyrie Irving “Unsure” If The Cavaliers Will Ever Retire His Jersey


No matter how Cleveland sports fans may feel about Kyrie Irving now, he was the star of that city for six years before everything went haywire.

LeBron James departure left the franchise in ruin and devastation, going from Finals team to lottery chasing bottom-feeders. But even in the midst of their struggles, the Cavs found hope in thier up-and-coming Star, Kyrie Irving. He became, for a while, the only bright spot for the lowly Cavaliers.

Even when LeBrom James came back, and the Cavs returned to their title-contending status, Irving remained as a town favorite, and was the guy that sort of held everything together.

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Normally, under those circumstances, it wouldn’t be a long-shot to think that the Cavs could one day retire Irving’s number, cementing it’s place in History forever. But the way things turned out... the way Kyrie handled this trade business, not even the star himself is sure if that dream will ever become reality.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if it will ever happen,” Irving admitted to The Undefeated's Marc J. Spears when asked if he thinks the Cavs will one day retire his jersey. “I’m appreciative of my career in Cleveland. The multiple legacies I want to live in my life, Cleveland is definitely part of one. Whether it’s appreciated or not, it doesn’t matter to me."

Only time will tell if Cleveland can ever forgive their once beloved superstar. But there’s no denying everything Kyrie has done for the team, and the city, over the last six years.

If there’s one thing, however, the league has thought us throughout its long history, it’s that as much as betrayal can be forgiven, it can never truly be forgotten.