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Kyrie Irving Snubs A Huge NBA Star From His E-League Team


Okay so, answer this question: If you could pick any five current players to play for your e-sports team, who would you pick?

The answers would vary, but all of them would have something in common: they'd include LeBron James. After all, he's considered one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Plus, his uber-athleticism makes him nearly unstoppable on NBA 2k.

But if you ask Kyrie Irving, he won't be as quick to include LeBron on that list. Instead, he named guys like KD, PG-13, Boogie, DeAndre Jordan, and Kobe.

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DeAndre Jordan? and aged Kobe Bryant? The fact that he'd pick those guys over LeBron is an obvious mistake. Maybe there's some resentment toward LeBron, maybe he never appreciated LBJ's skillset, or maybe he just wants to troll us all by starting artificial drama.

Whatever the reason is, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. It looks like there are still some issues between Uncle Drew and his former Cavalier teammate.

No LeBron on Kyrie's 2K18 Team

Kyrie Irving picks his 2K18 E-League Team: Durant, Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Boogie Cousins, DeAndre Jordan?!FULL VIDEO:

Posted by Ballislife on Sunday, September 17, 2017