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Kyrie Irving Roasts Former Coach Tyronn Lue With Latest Comments About Brad Stevens


Out of all the going-ons in the NBA since the offseason, namely the Carmelo Anthony and Paul George trades, Gordon Hayward's injury, and the Cavaliers' terrible start to the season, the ongoing drama between new Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving and the Cavs' organization has to be right up as the gift that keeps on giving.

Many thought Kyrie would flounder in his new-found role in Boston after the trade and the Cavaliers would leave the Celtics in the dust this season. As we've all found out, reality has turned out much different to prior predictions, with the Cavs sitting on a 4-5 record, and should realistically be 3-6 if it wasn't for James' insane 57-point performance against the Wizards. Meanwhile, the Celtics, after losing their first two games, one of them coming at the hands of the Cavs, have won seven straight and sit pretty on top of the East.

Irving seems extremely happy in his new position, so much so, in fact, he's not afraid to throw a little shade at his former coach after the success he's been having in Boston.

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According to Irving:

“Brad fits perfectly in terms of that because he has an intellectual mind and is an intellectual human being. It was something I was unbelievably craving in terms of what I wanted for my career."

Even though he didn't directly mention Tyronn Lue, we all know that's who he was referencing with his comments.

In fact, Kyrie hasn't been that subtle at all when talking about Lue and the Cavaliers as a whole since moving to Boston, talking highly of the Celtics in every way imaginable and saying it's just what his career needed.

Whether he likes discussing string theory and how the Earth is flat with Stevens, or just enjoys a LeBron-less roster in Boston is still up for debate, but these comments should definitely heat up the rivalry between these two teams when they meet next in January.