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Kyrie Irving Reveals His Feelings Towards LeBron James In First Take Interview On ESPN


Monday morning, Kyrie Irving appeared on ESPN's First Take to finally have his say regarding the drama that was his trade request and subsequent move to the Boston Celtics.

Irving was asked a host of questions from both First Take personalities Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, but Kyrie stuck with two main trains of thought.

He was tossing up this decision for a fairly long time and his relationship with teammate LeBron James wasn't as good as everyone thought it was.

When Kyrie was asked why his trade request suddenly came out of the blue when things seemed perfectly okay back in Cleveland, this is what he responded with:

"I was just very patient with my approach. Understanding what the magnitude of the moment was, I wasn't going to allow anything else to get in the way of our teams success. So I was just very diligent, very professional in terms of this whole entire process. The request came at a time it deemed right for me."

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Irving then followed up that statement with an "Absolutely" when he was asked if getting traded was something he had been thinking about for a while.

The interview then proceeded to the topic of LeBron James, as many expected. Even though Kyrie answered questions vaguely and spoke in circles, it was obvious his feelings towards James were less than great.

Irving explained that he did not tell LeBron he wanted out of Cleveland and that he felt no obligation to. He also mentioned that he wanted to move to a team where he could be happy, indicating he was less than pleased playing alongside James.

Even though Kyrie was trying to act professional and not cause more drama, it's plain as daylight to see he had had enough of playing with LeBron and to put it simply, didn't like him anymore.

Why though? Surely the prospect of being 'the man' on his own team doesn't outweigh playing alongside one of the greatest players of all-time and heading to the Finals season after season, does it?

Kyrie even went as far to insinuate he'd rather be happy playing elsewhere than being paid a big contract and still playing in LeBron's shadow:


It's unlikely that James will respond to any of what Kyrie said in the near future, as he tried to stay away from drama being one of the faces of the league, but you can bet your bottom dollar things will be very intense come opening night when the Cavs face off against the Celtics.