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Kyrie Irving Injury Update: Boston PG Apparently Suffering From Facial Fracture


Kyrie Irving broke his face.

In what was, perhaps, the second scariest moment of the Celtics' season, Kyrie Irving went down in the first quarter of Friday's match against the Hornets.

While the initial play looked quite nerve-racking, it looks like Kyrie will not suffer any significant damage.

The Boston point-guard did not return for the rest of that game and has been ruled as "doubtful" for Sunday's match versus Toronto.

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While no real time-table has been set for a return, the Celtics aren't relly breaking a sweat on the matter. For them, it's next man up; just like it's been for the past few years.

"We've been preaching next man up forever," Celtics guard Terry Rozier said. "Lately, our team is dropping like flies. You just gotta be ready. Shane did a great job, stepping up, coming in Friday. Like you said, you just never know in this league when your number is going to be called. We did a good job handling that."

At 11-2, riding an eleven game win streak, the Celtics have earned the best record in the league, beating some other big-time contenders in the process.

And while keeping that streak will be hard without Kyrie for possibly the next couple of games, it won't mean a thing in the long run.

For Boston, they aren't hoping for some sad, somber story to relay their stroke of bad luck. They'll just keep on going as if nothing ever happened in the first place.