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Kyrie Irving Has An Interesting New Follower


Yes, we all know a follow on social media is hardly proof of anything. And yes, we all know this could be jumping the gun a little bit.

But, if nothing else, Kyrie Irving's latest Instagram activity is interesting.

Days ago, he unfollowed LeBron James. Again, this could mean nothing. Yet with all the rumors and reports swirling around the league, it's not crazy to think it could mean something.

That's not all though. His most recent move was not actually something he did, but something he gained: A new follower.

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And his name is Devin Booker.

In the Kyrie trade rumors, the Suns have reportedly shown a lot of interest. Nothing is for certain, or probably close to happening yet, but could they have put together an intriguing offer for Irving?

Of course, we don't have the answer to that yet. But Booker's decision to follow Kyrie could be more than a friendly gesture at a convenient time.

Or, they could just be trolling us. But either way, even you must admit that this is becoming highly entertaining.