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Kyle Kuzma Calls Out Lonzo Ball For Charging Money For BBB Emojis


Two members of the Los Angeles Lakers' young core in the form of Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball may have the best friendship in the NBA in the near future if they can keep up this type of banter.

Since being drafted this year, both men have continuously roasted each other on social media, Lonzo roasting Kuzma for his love of Nike Tech Fleece products, and Kyle coming back at Ball for his father's antics and Big Baller Brand merch.

Their latest exchange has come after former teammate Andrew Bogut asked Ball over Twitter where his BBB emojis were, referencing Big Baller Brand's emoji range.

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Lonzo then directed Bogut -- remember, they're former teammates -- to a link where he could purchase emojis. Kyle Kuzma sensed an opportunity to roast Lonzo and jumped in to defend Bogut and his wallet.

This is only the latest chapter in the Kuzma vs. Ball saga, a war which spans across all types of social media.

The rookie forward has also gotten into it with Lonzo's youngest brother LaMelo Ball, with the two regularly going at it about each other's looks on Instagram posts.

Obviously, this war of words is all in good fun, and shows just how close two major members of the Lakers' core are.