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Kristaps Porzingis Shares His Idea For The Knicks This Season


For a franchise like the New York Knicks, when your star players reveveals his ideal situation for the team going forward, you’d best listen to his words.

Over the years, the Knicks have been anything but reliable. Shrouded in mediocrity and bad decision-making, New York basketball is in desperate need of some serious direction. And while Kristaps Porzingis isn’t the most seasoned veteran the league has to offer, his suggestion on any basketball related topic surely deserves to be considered valuable.

A suggestion is exactly what they got, too. Here’s what KP offered up to the team front-office in wake of thier subpar season, saying he’d rather make a run for the playoffs than see the Knicks go full tank mode:

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"Playoff experience for myself, individually, would be huge at this point in my career -- the sooner, the better," Porzingis said Monday, when asked his opinion about the Knicks' approach at the upcoming trade deadline. "And for most of the Knicks -- most of the guys haven't felt that playoff experience that everybody talks about -- that the guys talk about that have been there. For myself, selfishly I would want to play in the playoffs but we'll see what happens and how we can end the season."

No doubt, Kristaps’ mood is pretty optimistic at this point. Even if the Knicks could pull off a decent trade, it likely wouldn’t be enough to propel them into the post-season.

So, it remains to be seen what exactly the Knicks have planned going forward. Whether or not they’ll listen to KP’s advice could have a profound impact on the entire situation, and may effect thier approach going forward.