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Kobe Bryant: The Art of Footwork [ HD ]

Kobe Bryant | Footwork

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA history, without a doubt. My opinion is that he is the best player after Michael Jordan, because he changed the way of basketball.

You probably read so many stories about Kobe Bryant' insane work ethic, and believe me or not, that is the only way to have the best footwork in the history of basketball. However, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had the best footwork, and I think that is 50% - 50%, because you can't decide who had a better footwork in their careers.

Fadeaway jump shots, post up moves, pump fakes and many other moves you can use if you have a tremendous footwork. But, to become a master of the footwork, you must spend many hours on the court, with and without the ball.

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He trains for four hours a day during the season, and more than that in the offseason. The footwork is just the part of his offensive arsenal.

Kobe's footwork is just amazing, and what do you think, after Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon, who had the best footwork in the NBA?

Another question, who have the best footwork amongst the active player? Probably Michael Jordan, 53-years old legend, at this moment, has a better footwork than 99% players in the league.

Watch the art of footwork, enjoy and learn.