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Kobe Bryant Reportedly Tried To Recruit Dirk Nowitzki To Los Angeles


Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki have something very uniue in common.

They've both played at least 18 NBA seasons with one franchise, a feat very rarely achieved in this day-and-age. But how cool would it be if both players got to play together?

While nothing like that ever happened, that doesn't mean it never came close. According to Kobe, in a sit down with the media during All-Star weekend, The Mamba admitted that he may have actually tried to team up with Dirk in L.A.

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“Dirk and I have always had a great relationship because we’re both extremely competitive and also both extremely loyal to our teams. I’ll tell you a story about Dirk. He was up for free agency. And I knew what his response was gonna be, but just out of respect, I said ‘Dude, everybody’s looking around, all these free agents, I thought I’d just shoot you a text if you wanna come to LA.’ And he goes, ‘Dude, I would love to play with you, but Dallas is my home, this is my team, I’m not leaving here.’ So he and I think a lot alike in that regard.”

Alas, Dirk ultimately chose home over glory. He chose loyalty over success. And although we probably missed out on an awesome pairing, things just wouldn't be the same if either of them was ever in a different uniform.