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Kobe Bryant Rejects 'Inside the NBA'

Kobe Bryant

During Kobe's final career game, Charles Barkley went on record, inviting Bryant to join the crew. Many perceived the invitation as half-joking. That was, until TMZ  reported last month that TNT was indeed trying to court Bryant to join the telecast.

"Inside the NBA" is widely considered one of the best sports shows on television. The current group consists of Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley. They are known for their excellent chemistry and their unscripted banter that produces uncensored, raw, and insightful commentary.

When it comes to the “Inside the NBA” job offer, Kobe Bryant just did something pretty uncommon for him — he passed.

As we previously reported, the honchos at the show had reached out to Mamba, hoping he’d join Charles Barkley, Shaq and the rest of the gang either this season or next.

But Wednesday night outside of a Hublot watch event in Bev Hills, Kobe swatted the whole idea down — saying straight up he DOES NOT want the gig.

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This is actually a great news for all kids around the world.

Kobe Bryant will probably try himself as the coaching guru. Shaq's son, Shareef O'Neal, is a star basketball player as a high school sophomore in California and he will be the 1st player who will train with Kobe this summer.

Now that Bryant is retired from the league, he has plenty of free time to teach the next generation of players how to star in the game.

Kobe is going to focus on Kobe Inc, the next multimedia entertainment company, designed to create stories for children that will inspire them to work hard.