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Kobe Bryant Posts On Instagram Hilariously Making Fun Of His Post-Retirement Weight Gain


As every single NBA fan would know by now, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant retired in 2016 after 20 years of providing incredible moments and memories to NBA spectators, lifting 5 championship trophies throughout his career.

Just as you'd expect, the Black Mamba has been enjoying his retirement, and judging by a recent Instagram post, he's seemingly packed on a few extra pounds since his playing days.

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The post was captioned "Objects on camera may appear larger than they do in the mirror haha ok...ok...ok. Gimme 30 days #challengeaccepted #mambathick"

It's great to see Kobe take his now-chubby frame in his stride with the caption, even though he did delete the post afterwards.

We can all expect to see an updated pic uploaded in 30 days, where Bryant will most likely be shredded as if he was entering the draft combine as a rookie, as Kobe's work ethic is one of the greatest stories the NBA has ever heard.