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Kobe Bryant Has Said He Wishes He Could Have Played With This All-Star During His Prime


There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest scorers of our generation, and one of the greatest players in NBA history.

It's also fair to say that Kobe has had periods of great teammates -- the early and late 2000's -- and periods with not-so-great teammates -- mid 2000's and towards the end of career.

When he didn't have such great teammates, we all bore witness to one of the greatest stretches of scoring in the modern era, as Kobe Bryant was a machine every single night for the Lakers, especially in 2006.

Some argue that Kobe's prime was wasted on those terrible Laker squads of the mid-2000's, and if he was surrounded by better teammates, could have easily surpassed Jordan in rings.

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But if it was up to Kobe himself, he says he'd only want to add one player to his team during his prime. None other than LeBron James.


“I think the player that would fit with me the most, I actually think would be LeBron. He’s a passer first, I’m a scorer, I’m a finisher. ‘Bron is a facilitator by nature and I’m a finisher by nature. Those two styles, I think complement each other extremely well.”

Interesting. Out of all the players in NBA history, Kobe chose one of his biggest rivals during the course of his career, even though the pair never met in the NBA Finals. He could've picked Chris Paul -- ahem David Stern -- Wilt Chamberlain, John Stockton, hell, even Jordan himself, but the Black Mamba chose to go with the Chosen One.

Could you imagine if this pipedream turned into a reality though? A prime Kobe Bryant being fed by an uber-athletic LeBron James, who was only 21 years of age at the time? Issues may have arisen, just like they did with Kobe and Shaq towards the end of the Lakers 2000's dominance, but you cannot deny that a Kobe-LeBron tandem would run rings around the NBA, and would easily be considered the best duo in NBA history.

Thankfully for non-Laker fans though, this never materialized, and we'll be left forever wondering what could have been if these two legends joined forces.