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Kevin McHale Says James Harden Is Not A Leader


Call it a grudge, but ex-Rockets coach Kevin McHale doesn't seem to be a very big fan of James Harden.

McHale was the head coach of the Houston Rockets between 2011-2015, leading the team to a very respectable record in the meantime. But with all the regular season success they had, the team never got far in the playoffs.

Eventually, coach McHale was let go, seemingly out of nowhere, for Mike D'Antoni. While reports on the subject vary, many claim that Harden had a lot to do with the firing.

Two years later, you'd think everyone would have moved on by now. Judging by McHale's most recent comments, however, he may still be holding a grudge against the superstar shooting guard.

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On Friday, Ryne Nelson of Slam Online revealed some of the comments the Celtics' legend made about Harden's leadership during an appearance on NBA TV:

"But James is not a leader," McHale said. "He tried being a leader last year, tried doing that stuff. I think Chris Paul is going to help him just kind of get back into just being able to hoop and play and stuff like that."

Those comments certainly aren't the most degrading in the world. But to say that Harden isn't a leader is just laughable.

Last season, he was considered an MVP candidate, carrying the Rockets to the Western Conference semi-Finals. Averaging 29.1 points per game last season, he etched his place in history, having one of the best seasons ever.

Remember, McHale is a former head coach, Boston Celtics legend, and ex-tv analyst. The guy absolutely knows the game of basketball.

So either he just got this one wrong, or he's still got some bitter feelings toward James Harden.