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Kevin Garnett Takes To Reddit To Discuss Awesome NBA Topics With Fans


Kevin Garnett had an illustrious NBA career. On the court, he was an uncontainable beast with a burning passion for the game.

Even off the court, that passion remains. In his new show "Area 21," Garnett often uses his platform to discuss a myriad of NBA topics. Recently, he took to Reddit, where had answered some great questions about his playing days, the league, and how he got into the game of basketball.

Here are some of the questions KG received yesterday, via NBA Reddit and KG's Area 21:

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Q: Excluding yourself, who is the best trash talker you have ever played with/against?

Q: What do you think about KD's antics this offseason?

Q: Who was the hardest big man to guard in the 2000's?

Q: If Timberwolves and Celtics met in the finals, which team you rooting to win?

Check out the rest of the Q & A session here: