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Kevin Durant Throws Heavy Shade at Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant Throws a Huge Shade at Russell Westbrook

This is a very tough hit for Russell Westbrook. There is a lot of bad blood between Durant and his former teammates, that much is obvious.

Kevin Durant told reporters following Golden State’s 127-119 win over the Denver Nuggets on Monday that Draymond Green doesn’t care about triple-doubles.

“I know one thing Draymond doesn’t care about, it’s triple-doubles,” [Durant said.]

“Trust me, if I cared, I’d have a lot more. What do I have? One this year? Two? I’d have a lot more if I cared,” [Green said.]

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Russell Westbrook has a great season averaging triple-double (30.9 PPG, 10.5 APG, 10.4 RPG), but he is averaging his career high in turnovers (5.5), which also happens to leads the league.

Oklahoma Thunder is the underdog against Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs and it will be very interesting if Westbrook plays against Durant in the NBA Playoffs.

But, before that, they have to play together in the All-Star Game in New Orleans.


Maybe one of the biggest reason why Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City Thunder was about Russell Westbrook' selfishness.


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