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Kevin Durant Subtly Roasts Steph Curry With This Savage Quote Regarding Under Armour


Kevin Durant is one of the world's most famous athletes, and his partnership with Nike across pretty much his whole career has lent him some of that fame and fortune. Durant has just recently released the 10th installment of his shoe collection, the Nike Zoom KDX, so it's pretty clear to see Kevin is loyal to Nike, even if he isn't loyal in other parts of his career.

While on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Durant let us know his opinion on brand influences in college basketball recruiting, and took the opportunity to take a swipe at teammate Steph Curry's shoe sponsor and a Nike rival, Under Armour:

“For me, I didn’t want to go to Maryland. I didn’t want to stay home. I wanted to see what was outside that area. I don’t think a lot of kids, to be honest, they don’t choose Maryland unless they play in an Under Armour system coming up. Shoe companies have a real, real big influence on where these kids go. So, nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I’m sorry. Like, the top kids because they all play Nike.”

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Simmons then probed Durant if he had spoken to Curry about that topic, to which he responded:

“Nah, but he’s cool. Like everybody knows that. They just don’t wanna say nothing. The kids that play that grew up in the Under Armour system, they go to Maryland.”

It's obvious to see KD doesn't have much love for Under Armour shoes, and who can blame him? UA have failed more than they've succeeded with the design of Steph Curry's line of shoes, with the Curry 4's the first shoe not roasted all over the internet.