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Kevin Durant Says Whether Or Not He Would Ever Have A Live Public Interview With Russ


It's no secret that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have a complicated relationship. While the two aren't exactly enemies, they probably won't admitt to being friends either.

Still, we can't help but wonder what would happen if they had a face-to-face sit down. Would it be similar to the one Shaq and Kobe had a short time ago, or will it end much more sourly?

Well, unfortunately, we may never get to find out. When asked about the topic, NBA superstar Kevin Durant himself admitted that it's not something he's very keen on doing.

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When The Ringer's Bill Simmons asked him what the odds were of him and Russ ever having an interview on NBATV like Shaq and Kobe did during all Star weekend, KD just responded with: "I just don't wanna do that... It's like an AA meeting." To be fair, he's also said publicly that the nature of his relationship with Russ is different than that of Shaq and Kobe's. He thinks there is less bitterness in his situation.

Still, it says a lot that Durant isn't even thinking about that right now. Clearly, a Russ/KD OKC reunion has been a long shot, but this all but confirms there's just no desire for Durant to play with Westbrook again.

Sadly for us, those days are over now.