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Kevin Durant says he stayed in bed for two days after he signed for the Warriors


After he played eight NBA seasons for Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors this summer.

Nobody expected that because they had 3-1 against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but after they lost 4-3, almost every journalists and analysts expected from Durant to sign 1+1 for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Warriors instantly became favored to win next season’s championship — and at least a couple more down the line.

Yet, his reaction — staying inside for two days and playing video games with brother — suggested discontent.

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Durant, via Kurt Helin of NBC who is in Las Vegas:

“For a few days after I didn’t leave my bed (later he clarified, his rented house in the Hamptons) because I was like ‘if I walk outside somebody might just hit me with their car, or say anything negative to me.’ Like I said I never had this reputation, and so many people who don’t even watch basketball are telling me congratulations, and good luck going forward, it’s crazy how big I got and how big this got…..

“I mean I’ve been somewhere for so long and then to make a change like that (which) nobody knew was coming, that nobody didn’t think I would do, of course I didn’t know how it would be received afterwards. But at some point, I just said, ‘Look man, life goes on. Life moves on, and I can’t hide forever,’ so I just had to face it.”

Staying in bed for a couple days after the decision to sign for the Warriors? Someone will book a flight and have a great vacation in Hawaii, but not Kevin Durant. He just wanted to have a few days without any media (and fans) pressure.

He also responds about is Russell Westbrook the factor of his decision to sign for the Golden State Warriors.

“Nah, it wasn't (a factor in him leaving),” Durant said. “I mean obviously (that alleged subplot is) coming out now (that) I'm gone, all these reports are going to come out. I can't really control it, but I just made a decision based on where I wanted to go, man. It was as simple as that. We can think about all the reasons and the factors and what factored in, but it was simple. That's where I wanted to play basketball.”

It wasn't easy, but now he is the villain of the NBA and he will play under the maximum pressure, like LeBron James had when he played for Miami Heat.