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Kevin Durant Praises LeBron In Twitter Debate With Rapper


LeBron's future in Cleveland has been up in the air ever since the Cavs suffered their second Finals defeat to the Golden State Warriors in three years, and those rumors have only grown stronger since news regarding Kyrie's trade request broke out in July.

As expected, NBA fans everywhere have debated where LeBron may be playing come opening night of the 2018-19 NBA season, with teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers popping up regularly.

What's unexpected however, is that Kevin Durant has also entered into a debate about where LeBron's playing future lies.

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On Wednesday, after a strange report leaked claiming LBJ was "100 percent out" after this season, KD found himself locked in a debate with rapper Lil' Dicky over how the situation should be handled.

KD obviously has a lot of respect for his rival it seems. The debate continued on, as Lil' Dicky suggested Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert wanted to get something in return for LeBron this time around, referencing 'The Decision' back in 2010. Durant still defended LeBron.

Kevin ended the conversation on a very good point all things considered.

It's always interesting to see conversations like this, as we realize NBA players can be fans of the game and the offseason action just like the rest of us non-NBA players.

KD's word means more than most, however, as he has experienced the NBA lifestyle and has some knowledge when it comes to the behind-the-scenes regarding player movement.