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Kevin Durant On Drama With Russell Westbrook: "I Think I F----- That Up"


It is not secret that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant didn't have a very peaceful breakup.

When Durant elected to sign with the Golden State Warriors back in 2016, it resulted in a hail-storm of chaos around the association. The Thunder were left without their biggest star, the league was hurled into a massive imbalance of power, and Russ was left in OKC to pick up the pieces.

Now, almost two seasons later, the two ex-teammates find themselves on the same squad once again. And while things can never be the same for these two again, it appears as though they've finally let go of the past.

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In a chat with the media on Saturday, KD even admitted it may have been his fault it got so bad in the first place.

It's not every day that we hear KD admit he was wrong. And concerning his relationship with Russ, nobody would have thought he'd ever lean towards that approach.

So, finally, all this Russ vs KD drama can be brought to a close. They've moved on, and it's about time we all do too...