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Kevin Durant Hypocritically Disses Clint Capela After Loss To Rockets


Well, it seems we've come to expect these sort of comments out of Kevin Durant's mouth after his move to Golden State.

After Houston's 116-108 win over the Warriors last weekend, center Clint Capela was full of confidence, going on record to say that his Rockets were a better team than Golden State, which can be considered true given the fact that the Rockets won the season series against Golden State this season 2-1 after their latest victory.

Well, Kevin Durant was asked about Capela's comments after the fact, and his response takes the cake for hypocrisy in the NBA.

“You hear that from guys like Capela, who’s usually catching the ball or laying it up from CP or Harden. His job is not as hard. I mean when your job is that hard you don’t say shit like that.”

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Um, who gave Durant the authority to decide whether other player's jobs are considered 'hard' or not, especially considering that KD joined a 73-win team with three All-Stars and the reigning MVP after losing to them in the playoffs?

Even if Durant's comments were taken at face value, he's not even 100% correct.

Just because Capela is catching lobs, setting screens and rim-running for the Rockets, doesn't mean his job is any less integral to the team, or easier by any means. I mean, JaVale McGee and Jordan Bell do the exact same thing for the Warriors, are their jobs even easier than Capela's?

The fact that KD felt he was correct in his statement after everything that's happened in his career over the past season and a half -- let's be honest here, Durant probably wouldn't have a title and Finals MVP under his belt if he didn't join GSW -- is ludicrous.

At least with comments like these though, we can be sure the potential matchup between the Rockets and Warriors in the playoffs will be one for the ages.