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Kevin Durant Has Named The Best Defender In The NBA, And His Answer Is Surprising


When you're a generational scorer, especially one of Kevin Durant's caliber, not many players in the league are capable of stopping you from putting the ball in the basket.

When it comes to KD, the small forward is able to score from wherever he wants on the court. Whether that be driving into the lane, posting up defenders, or pulling up from deep, the opposition is left helpless every single time due to Durant's size and skillset.

Only a handful of players have come close to slowing down Durant on the offensive end, but in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Durant named, who he thinks, is the best defender in the league today.

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"He’s “probably the best” defender in the league, said Durant, who is an early candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. “His lateral release, his quickness. He’s got long arms, and he’s strong. He’s just smart. He’s just an athlete, one of those athletes who enjoys trying to keep up with the fastest and best players. He takes that challenge on. They’re definitely going to miss him on the defensive side of the ball.”

Durant praised his former teammate Andre Roberson for his dedication to his craft on the defensive side of the ball, who recently went down with a ruptured patellar tendon, which will see him sitting out the rest of the season with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

KD respects Roberson so much in fact, he even sent an encouraging text Andre's way after suffering the injury against Detroit.

“I let him know I’m here if he ever needs to talk or anything because I’ve been through it, you know, injuries and how you feel when you’re going through them,”said Durant, who played with Roberson in Oklahoma City for three seasons (2013-16). “Just try to give him somebody else to lean on if he needs some advice or just some encouragement. I’ll always be here for him.”

It's obvious that Durant respects his former teammate as a player, and it's disappointing we won't get to see the two go head-to-head in the playoffs if the Thunder and Warriors manage to run into each other this postseason.