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Kevin Durant Fails Completely With Weak Comeback During Twitter Fight


Usually, when you tweet at celebrities with insults or abuse, you'll more than likely be given no response or even blocked if you keep things up.

But for some reason, after winning his first NBA championship and Finals MVP trophy, Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has become increasingly active on social media, getting into heated debates with random strangers over Twitter multiple times.

Recently, a blogger for Barstool Sports by the name of @BarstoolRDT got into it with KD, asking Twitter users which was softer, Durant or KD's alma mater, Texas football.


Durant hit back with one of the oldest lines in the book.

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You may be thinking that's quite an immature response for someone of KD's stature, and others followed the same train of thought.


Kevin wasn't finished there though, he had something for @TyroneSpikes as well.


Quite ironic considering the fact KD has a child in his own Twitter profile picture.

It's a wonder why Durant insists on entertaining these haters over the internet and isn't taking satisfaction in the thought that every single one of them will never be the basketball player KD is.

Maybe Kevin just likes Twitter beef, who knows.