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Kevin Durant Accidentally Uses Verified Twitter Account To Trash OKC Roster In Reply To Hater

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant, you've certainly stepped in it this time.

It's well known how active KD is on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter, constantly replying to tweets good and bad and sticking up for himself and his teammates in online debates. It got to a point where fans assumed Durant had issues with the way he was perceived by basketball fans around the world and would go to extreme lengths to protect his image.

Well if that was only a rumor a few weeks ago, it's almost a fact after this latest incident.

Kevin Durant has been caught using his verified Twitter account to reply to a hater, and the contents of the reply indicate Durant was supposed to be using an alternate account to back himself up.

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The way KD referred to himself in the third person -- "Kd can't win a championship with those cats" -- lends legitimacy to the reports that Durant was supposed to be using a different account to reply to the initial tweet.

Now, this could be a case of a player's Twitter account being hacked, by there's more to it than that. Apparently, he does the same thing on Instagram as well.

Kevin's brother, Tony Durant, tagged Kevin in a post on his own Instagram account, except the account tagged was '@quiresultan', not '@kevindurant'.


That same '@quiresultan' account was later seen defending KD on another post by Tony of KD's new shoes.


With the evidence stacked against him, I honestly don't see how KD's going to get out of this one without recieving major backlash from fans everywhere.