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Kenyon Martin And Jeremy Lin Get Into Beef About Lin's New Hairstyle

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Since leaving the New York Knicks in 2013, Jeremy Lin has become somewhat of an enigma. The man has played for 4 teams in 5 years since the height of Linsanity, and even though he's become a very serviceable point guard in the NBA, he's never been able to reach the heights he was at back in the Big Apple in 2012.

Despite this, Lin has kept a high head through the years playing for the Lakers, Hornets and now the Nets, and he's credited his wacky and rapidly-changing hairstyle for that confidence, via The Player's Tribune.

"I never thought I’d ever think so much about hair. Honestly, at first I was surprised anyone would care what I did with my hair. When I started growing it out a few years ago in Charlotte, it was just something I was doing with six of my family members and friends,"

"Then I kept going with it and it started to become … a thing. Looking back, I can see why my hairstyles turned some heads...But I liked how the process of changing my look actually made me feel more like myself again. I realized that in the years since Linsanity, I had spent a lot of time in a box, worrying about other people’s opinions on what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I wanted to stop basing my decisions so much on what strangers or critics might say about me. It was cool how something as simple as how I wore my hair could pull me out of my comfort zone and make me feel more free. Before I got older and had a family and kids and all of that, I wanted to be able to say to myself, Who cares what anyone else thinks? For me, the different hairstyles became a fun way to do that."

We've all seen some of the different hairstyles Jeremy has rocked through the years. From the mohawk in Charlotte...


To the man-bun...


And then to the braids he wore last season...

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But now heading into 2018, Jeremy Lin is rocking a new haircut, which he has teammate Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to thank for.

"When I first signed in Brooklyn, I remember talking to Rondae about hair. He told me he would grow his hair out with me — and that he’d get dreads with me. One time, Caris chose my braid design when I wasn’t sure what to get. Before this season, D-Lo, DeMarre and I discussed what the process of getting dreads is like — how painful the beginning process is, whether you could still rock a hat, how to maintain them, things like that."


But one former NBA player isn't happy with Lin's new do, and he made sure everyone else knew he dissaproved of it as well.

Kenyon Martin had a 15-year career in the NBA, playing for teams such as the New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, and New York Knicks. Martin was known as a bit of a hot-head both on and off the court, and he's definitely living up to his reputation with his rant over Lin's dreads.

As you'd expect, Lin caught word of Martin's comments, and being a Harvard graduate, Jeremy made sure to put his prior learning to good use with his response.


Almost every NBA fan has sided with Lin in this battle, as the majority realize just how stupid and petty the entire argument is. Who cares how Lin wears his hair? It literally affects no one else but Lin and judging by his comments, it affects Lin in a positive way. Why should anyone be hating on that, no matter how ridiculous the hairstyles are?

I'm sure many fans from all over the world are hoping Lin can have a successful year in Brooklyn after this entire debacle.