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KD, Steph, Ejected In Colossal Warriors Meltdown


Throwing your mouth piece at a ref is definitely ill-advised.

During Saturday night's game against the Grizzlies a few hours ago, Steph Curry did just that and found himself exiled from the game in quite a dramatic fashion.

After throwing a fit of rage by a no-call, Curry seemingly lost control and flung his mouthpiece at the referee, warranting automatic ejection in the final minute of the game, in which they lost to Memphis 111-101.

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Steph Curry claimed to ESPN's Chris Haynes after the game that he did not intend to hit the ref at all: “I didn’t throw my mouthpiece at the ref. I got better aim than that. I threw it out of frustration." As for Kevin Durant, his outburst also granted him an ejection and appeared to flip off someone in the stands in the process.

For both, it really was a clear display of losing control. Probably frustrated by the performance of the team, the teammates decided to just let it all out before that buzzer sounded.

At 1-2 for the season, the Dubs were no doubt hoping for a better start to what many were calling a historic season. They still remain the favorites, of course, but if they can't control themselves son the court, things could get ugly.