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KD has Surpassed LeBron Offensively, According To One NBA Expert


For pretty much his entire NBA career, Kevin Durant has had to be content with being #2.

No matter how good he did, or how well he played, LeBron James was always one step ahead. Yet, at 33 years old, nearing what should be the back end of his prime, some are starting to see now as the moment Durant finally takes control.

In a discussion on Fox Sports' First Things First, Doug Gottlieb (basketball analyst), made a pretty daring declaration:

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"I think right now, he's (Durant) surpassed LeBron at least offensively."

While it's not necessarily going out on a limb, it is a pretty hot take considering the circumstances. LeBron James is still playing at an insanely elite level, doing things most would consider impossible.

KD, though, has quietly been putting up some huge offensive numbers of his own. Currently, he's putting up 26 points per game with 6.8 rebounds and 5.5 assists on 52% shooting. Also, Durant can admittedly do so much more on offense than Bron can. His post game excels, his shooting is superior, and he's just got much more fire-power on that end of the floor.