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Kawhi Leonard Reveals His Future Intentions With The Spurs


There's no telling where the relationship between NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs lies at the moment. According to sources around the league, there's legitimacy to the claim that things between the two sides have been less than the ideal of late. And up until now, Leonard has been mum on sharing any update regarding the situation.

Today, ESPN's Michael C. Wright finally found out Kawhi's future plans from the star himself. According to Wright, Kawhi admitted that he wants to finish his career as a Spur, practically shutting down all speculation and rumor concerning the thought of him going elsewhere.

For those that haven't noticed, chatter around the league had Kawhi being gone by summer's end, which would have likely kicked off a long rebuild for the team and signaled the end of Gregg Popovich's amazing coaching career. So for San Antonio, this news must come as a huge relief. With the team feeling confident about the future of their star, they can once again move towards building a team that revolves around him.

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And while the Spurs have certainly taken a step back this year, this potentially franchise-altering issue has reminded them, and all of us, that their current standing could be a whole lot worse.