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Kawhi Leonard Backlash Floods Social Media After Game One Absence Against Warriors

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In the aftermath of a 21 game blowout loss in game one of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, the latest questions with the Spurs aren't related to what happened on the court.

Rather, they are being directed at who is currently committed to staying off of it. Despite being cleared by team doctors months ago, NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard had refused to return to the team, in a situation that has all but baffled every league insider.

After being diagnosed with a relatively minor leg injury a while back ago, most assumed he'd be back well before springtime. The star, however, claims his body isn't ready and has elected to keep away from the floor until he feels that it is. Regardless, it appears as if we won't be coming back this year at all. Not even for the playoffs, for which San Antonio has gotten off to a rocky game-1 start. And his absence from the game (wasn't even on the bench), caused quite a lot of stir in the basketball community.

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Predicably, teams are already preparing potential trade offers for when the Spurs finally end their season. Whether or not he'll get traded this summer is still a matter very much in the air.

Still, it seems this situation between Kawhi and the Spurs is headed more towards unfixable everyday.