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Jusuf Nurkic On Joel Embiid: "He Tries To Be More Famous Than A Player."


Joel Embiid is already one of the 76ers' most promising young stars. Averaging 24 points, 11 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game, he's certainly become one of the league's best young stars as well.

But is he limiting himself to becoming a top-flight NBA player? If you ask Jusuf Nurkic, he'll say yes:

"He tries to be more famous than a player. I respect him. He's a good player. He's not about tough. He's a skill player, who is getting tired, it looks like. And when you play defense on him and play offense on him and attack him, he's getting tired more."

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According to Jokic, all the talk he does on Twitter and to the media is setting him back as far as what he can really do on the court. And despite the fact that Embiid's numbers are amazingly high, Jokic may have a point.

The 76ers star big man has always been centered on keeping his name in the news. Whether it's going "at" someone on Twitter or saying some ultra-ambitious statement to the media, Embiid seemingly has an attraction to the spotlight. And it's hard not to think that the attraction isn't taking away from his focus on the basketball court. It sure would for just about anyone else.