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Julius Randle Takes A Shot At D'Angelo Russell


Coming out of college, D'Angelo Russell was highly praised for his supreme passing and stellar court vision. Even as a Laker, D'Angelo wowed us with a few highlight reel passes.

But when asked about Lonzo Ball's passing ability, Julius Randle claimed that Lonzo was the best he'd seen so far for a kid coming out of college.

Admittedly, Julius does not mention D'Angelo, nor does he send any other hint that he's throwing shade at him. But the fact that Julius is so quick to claim Lonzo as one of the best passers he has played with is certainly enough to raise an eyebrow when you consider what Russell did for the Lakers in previous seasons.

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We will never be sure if Julius was really trying to throw shade at his old PG or not. But make no mistake about it: the Lonzo Ball era has started. Everything for the Lakers starts with him, and it appears that even his teammates have taken notice.