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Jordan shuts down Reggie Miller - 0 pts in 4th qtr - 1998 ECF Game 7

Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller

It was Game 7 of Eastern Conference Finals. Indiana Pacers versus Chicago Bulls. On one side Michael Jordan, on other Reggie Miller. This was their first playoff meeting. Although so far not been met in the playoff, they had some interesting duels. All began with the fight on February 12, 1993. After that confrontation between these teams born hatred and intolerance. This series was one of the most tightly contested series in the 90s.

This game is an example of poor shooting and amazing effort which lead Bulls to the win, despite shooting 38% from the field. Jordan and Pippen combined 15/43 this game. They were struggling in the offense, but 20 more field goals attempt and their 22 offensive rebounds gave the Bulls 26-second chance points. Reggie Miller ended the game shooting 7/13, but he scored only 1 FG when Jordan guarded him.

Bill Simmons summed up Chicago's "indomitable will" and their hunger for the win:

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“What cemented their legacy wasn’t the first five titles but the last one, when they were running on fumes and surviving solely on pride and Jordan’s indomitable will… The exhausted Bulls wouldn’t roll over for a really good Pacers team that seemed ready to knock them off…Jordan beating Rik Smits on a jump ball… Pippen outhustling Reggie Miller for a crucial loose ball… The Bulls crashed the offensive boards that night and did whatever it took to prevail… Jordan struggled with dead legs and a flat jump shot so he started driving to the basket again and again, willing himself to the foul line… Pippen and Jordan standing with their hands on their knees at midcourt in the final seconds, completely spent, unable to summon enough energy to celebrate.”