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Jordan Clarkson Has His Say On The Leadership Styles Of Both LeBron James And Kobe Bryant


If you're recent Cleveland Cavaliers aqusition Jordan Clarkson, you'd have to be feeling pretty lucky about your career thus far in the NBA.

In only his fourth season, the combo guard has had the honor of not only playing alongside Kobe Bryant during the final years of his career, but to also play alongside LeBron James in Cleveland when they're among the favorites to reach the NBA Finals out of the Eastern Conference.

Obviously, just by the eye test, both Bryant and James are vastly different basketball players in terms of skillset, mentality and how they approach the game itself, so it's no surprise to hear that both legends of the game are almost polar opposites when it comes to leadership styles.

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Clarkson, who was brought into Cleveland via a trade on trade deadline day that saw Isaiah Thomas head to LA, sat down with the Cavs' local radio show to talk about a range of topics, including what it's like to play alongside both Kobe and LeBron.

"LeBron is very encouraging, bringing everybody along. Kobe, he is testing you, seeing what you gonna give him. He gonna yell at you, scream at you, cuss at you..Two different sides. I'm just blessed to see both of them."

"During my rookie year, Kobe was always on me. Get in the gym early with him. Get shots up and stuff like that. On the court, he was not as vocal as LeBron is, in terms of being with everybody, encouraging and stuff. Kobe had his own way of encouraging guys (laughs)."

Jordan's answer wasn't that much of a surprise. Just by watching Kobe on the court, and hearing stories about his insane work ethic, you could assume that Bryant was hard-nosed and ruthless when it came to his teammates, expecting them to be just as devoted to basketball as he was. When it comes to LeBron, given his unselfish play on the court, it was more than likely that James was very team-oriented, and wanted everyone on the same page at all times to form a cohesive unit.

Jordan didn't offer any insight into who he preferred to play with more, but maybe we'll hear his take on that once he's had enough time alongside LeBron.