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Jonathan Clark INSANE Dunk Mix!



Jonathan Clark was quickly becoming one of the BEST Dunkers in the world.

He is a former Track & Field athlete from UCLA, and has transferred his athletic ability to dunking! Two years ago, he tore his ACL, meniscus, and dislocated his knee at Venice Beach. Because of his insane work ethic and determination, he is already back and jumping over people again like it’s nothing!

Check the highlights and enjoy!

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Jonathan Clark CRAZY "Splits Dunk" OVER Person! (Basketball Jean-Claude Van Damme!)

INSANE 180 Between the Legs Dunk OVER Person!

"INFINITY" Attempts The Double between the Legs Dunk

Here are some more attempts of the double between the legs dunk. I am going to call this dunk "INFINITY" once it is completed. I honestly feel that it is not a matter of if anymore, but more like a matter of when! This episode is brought to you by Dunkademics.

Source: Dunkademics