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Joel Embiid Destroys Kevin Durant For Using Fake Twitter Account To Reply To Haters


Joel Embiid may be the GOAT when it comes to social media after this performance.

As many of you may have heard, Kevin Durant was caught in the act yesterday after it was revealed he uses fake Twitter and Instagram accounts to reply to people who hate on him online.

Joel Embiid, being Joel Embiid, took the opportunity to poke some fun at the situation, tweeting out a tweet to one of KD's rumored fake accounts saying he was better than MJ ever could be with the hashtags '#FACTS' and '#BurnerTwitter'

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As you can see by the retweet and like stats, Embiid seemed to have hit the nail on the head with his joke.

Durant has not yet replied to Embiid's tweet, or any other tweets for that matter, seemingly disappearing off the face of the Earth since the public were made aware of these rumors.

It'll be interesting to see how Durant handles the extreme amount of criticism thrown his way after this entire debacle, as it's been proven he can't cope when he's called out.