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Joel Embiid Attempts To Recruit LeBron To Philly With Latest Instagram Post


The NBA king of social media has done it once again.

It may not have seemed like it prior to this season, but the Philadelphia 76ers are in the hunt for LeBron James come free agency at the end of this year. They have the cap space, they have the young talent, they're in the East which is an added bonus, and recruitment efforts have already begun, thanks to some Philadelphia-based companies hiring out billboards.

Even if team executives aren't allowed to try and 'recruit' players in the middle of the season while they're under contract, that doesn't mean fellow players can't do the same while they're on the court, and in Joel Embiid's case, he's extended his recruitment efforts to social media to try and lure King James to Philly.

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The pair were seen sharing a few laughs during their recent matchup on Thursday night -- which resulted in a 76ers' win mind you -- and Embiid used the opportunity to post a picture of the both of them to Instagram with a not-so-subtle caption.

Trust The Process??? Always a great time playing against one of the best to ever play the game #summer2018goals

Well, the cat is definitely out of the bag now. The 76ers are gunning for LeBron this offseason, no doubt about it.

Even though they may not have much of a chance compared to the likes of Houston, Los Angeles or Cleveland themselves, if the way Ben Simmons and Embiid interacted with James is anything to go by, LeBron may have just moved Philadelphia up a few spots on his potential destinations list.