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Joel Embiid And Russell Westbrook Both Roasted Each Other After The 76ers-OKC Game

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, us NBA fans were treated to one of the best NBA games of the season thus far, as both the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder went into triple-overtime to decide an eventual winner.

OKC managed to take out the intense game after the third overtime with a score of 119-117, as unlikely heroes Patrick Patterson and Andre Roberson saved the day for the Thunder.

That's not to say the big three of OKC didn't do their part, but judging by the box score, they may have hurt their chances of winning it in regulation by the way they shot the ball, especially Westbrook.

The game had it all. A triple-double from Westbrook, a Simmons double-double, on-court antics from Embiid, and even a bit of face-to-face action between Embiid and Melo.

The Process pushed the trolling into overdrive in the third overtime as he fouled out OKC center Steven Adams, waving him goodbye as he left the court.

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Russell Westbrook didn't forget this, and once the final buzzer sounded, Westbrook made sure to return the favor.

Look at that grin, Westbrook loved throwing that back in Embiid's face, you can just tell.

Embiid wasn't done however, and had a few words for the media regarding Westbrook after the game when he was asked about the post-game exchange:

"He told me to go home. I mean, this is my home, so I guess it's time for him to go home. They won the game, and I give them a lot of credit, he did a lot of things, but the dude shot like 10/33, I wish I would have shot 33 times, I guess we would have had a better chance of actually winning the game. But, you know, he told me to go home, and this is my home and I ain't going nowhere."

Embiid just dropped facts on Westbrook in his retaliation. Russell did indeed shoot 10-33 from the field and 5-12 from the line, giving him 27 points to end the game, and wasn't helped along by Paul George's 8-23 performance. The difference between the two is Paul George didn't try and take a shot at Embiid come the end of the game.

Regardless, it's refreshing to see players taking shots at each other once again, as the NBA has sorely missed good trash talk since the early 2000's.