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Jimmy Butler Goes Off On Twitter After Jeff Teague-Ricky Rubio Scuffle


Jimmy Butler may be sitting out the majority of the regular season with a meniscus injury in his right knee, but that hasn't stopped him from getting involved in on-court drama.

During Utah's 116-108 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, starting point guards Jeff Teague and Ricky Rubio almost got into it with each other after Teague blatantly hip-checked Rubio off into the sidelines due to a non-call on the other end.

The footage is a scary watch, as Teague comes out of nowhere to push Rubio hard out of bounds with seemingly ill-intent. Obviously, Rubio got up in a flash, angry with what happened, but quickly calmed down after a ref inserted himself between Rubio and Teague, whereas new teammate Jae Crowder quickly confronted Teague on court, asking him "Why would you do that?" Considering the nature of the push, Teague was promptly ejected and sent to the showers early, and the Jazz would easily finish the game on top. But after the game, Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler took to Twitter after almost two years off the platform to call out both Rubio and Crowder.

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Wait, what? Butler last tweeted in January of 2017, and this is what he comes back with? Praising his teammate for shoving someone out of bounds for no reason?

And he also mocked Rubio for getting up quick because he didn't actually try to fight Teague, the same with Crowder? This doesn't make any sense at all. A Timberwolves fan called out Butler for his rant, telling him that Rubio -- who started his career in Minnesota and played there for five years -- was more Minnesota than Butler or coach Thibodeau would ever be. Here was Jimmy's response.


Butler better be careful what he says from here on out, as he's not really on good terms with the Timberwolves faithful after insulting a player who gave everything to the franchise he currently plays for.