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Jeff Van Gundy: ""I Think The Whole All-Star Weekend Should Be Abolished."


All-Star events have long been a staple of U.S. Pro Sports.

For decades, the events have been a way for fans to experience the game in a new fashion, while giving the most exceptional players the recognition they deserve. For most, All-Star weekend is something to look forward to. Unless you're Jeff Van Gundy, who'd just rather throw the whole thing away.

On an appearance in the Zach Lowe podcast, "The Lowe Post," the esteemed announcer essentially claimed that these events are nothing more than an opportunity for the league to make money off some events that don't really provide valuable entertainment anyway.

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Here's some of what he said:

"I think the whole All-Star weekend should be abolished. I think everybody should just go home and rest, I do. I think we should name All-Stars and never, ever, put an All-Star game together. No one cares, no one tries. It's a blight on our game..."

In the same sequence, Van Gundy mentioned that the NBA All-Star game should replicate that of the NFL pro-bowl system. Name the players, don't play the game.

Admittedly, Van Gundy has a point in terms of quality. The all-Star game has never bene one of the most exciting things to watch, and most of the other "All-Star" weekend events can be classified as the same. Still, it's seems hard to think of an NBA with no All-Star game.

Should the league do away with it, or is the All-Star game still a vital part of the NBA?