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Jeff Hornacek "Shocked" Of How Well Joakim Noah Has Looked


Joakim Noah, by all accounts, is one of the worst big-men in the NBA.

He has zero offensive skill, lost most of his defensive edge, and has been too battered by inuries to see any significant playing time.

It wasn't always like that, though. With the Chicago Bulls, Noah was once considered an MVP candidate. As one of the best defenders in the league, he could change the course of a game with a single play. Night in and night out, Joakim Noah always gave 110% on the court, and that energy earned the love of Chicago fans everywhere.

But since his departure from the Bulls (and even a little before then), Noah's game has seen a significant drop. It's been so bad, that Joakim's future in the league may be in doubt.

So when Jeff Hornacek came out and said that Noah has been playing "shokingly great," it came as a big surprise to the NBA community.

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According to a report by the New York Post's Howie Kussoy, here's what Hornacek had to say about the shocking development of the New York big-man:

"Coming off those injuries, literally, I’m shocked of how well he’s played just because I didn’t think he was gonna be ready this early,” Knicks coach, Jeff Hornacek, said following a Saturday pratice. "I’m extremely happy with how he’s playing. He’s playing the right way. He sets great screens, he rolls hard, which opens up other things for guys if he doesn’t get it. He’s been finishing with driving layups. He’s been playing great. He wants to come back and show everybody what kind of player he is and he’s worked hard to do that over the summer. I give him a lot of credit so far."

Are we about to witness a Joakim Noah resurgance?

If we are, it may spell some trouble for the Knicks, as it could be difficult to dish out enough minutes for thier loaded frontcourt.

After trading Carmelo Anthony to OKC this summer, New York is looking for a fresh start this season. Kristaps Porzingis will be leading the charge, but does Joakim Noah have a place in this rebuild?

If he doesn't improve on what's been a horrendous couple of seasons, he may not have a place in the NBA at all.