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Jeanie Buss Shows Support For Luke In Subtle Twitter Picture


Despite all the reports of Luke Walton being on the "hot-seat," team majority owner Jeanie Buss expressed feelings of support for him, perhaps hinting that he may not be going anywhere after all.

Just a few hours ago, Jeanie posted a photo on Twitter with herself, Rob Pelinka, and Walton, that included the hashtag "#InLukeWeTrust."

Okay, so maybe it's not so subtle, especially considering the team has shown no public interest in getting rid of Luke. From the beginning, they've had his back throughout.

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Of course, between LaVar Ball, the media, and the team's recent struggles (although they have won three straight games), it's not hard for the franchise to begin having second thoughts about their main-man in the locker room.

For now, though, the Lakers seem content in keeping Walton around for the time being. How long that patience lasts is ultimately up to the performance of the team, but Los Angeles better not get their hopes up in hearing about a vacant coaching position anytime soon.