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James Harden's Chance At The Record Books Is Proof He Is Having A Fantastic Year


James Harden is very good at basketball.

Yes, we saw some of his offensive abilities in OKC, when he playe dthird-fiddle to a dynamic duo of Durant and Westbrook. But on the Rockets, Harden has become a different player.

He's elevated his game to entirely new heights, keeping himself in the MVP conversation on a yearly basis while averaging over 25 points since 2015. Let's not forget about the success of his team either, who's seen trips past the first round of the playoffs in several of the last couple years.

This year, a lot of that was expected to change. With CP3 coming to town, Harden was supposed to take a step back, as he wouldn't need to carry the load alone anymore. As we're slowly seeing, however, the Houston guard has different plans.

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Harden and the Rockets have been absolutely scorching out of the gate, and are dominating at a level we rarely see in today's NBA. In fact, Harden's performing so well so far this season, that he has the chance to crack a record set by Michael Jordan himself.

Amazingly, The Beard has had 20 points and 7 assists in each of the first 18 games this season, equalling Jordan's streak set all the way back in 1989. So if James can go one more game scoring 20 and 7, he'll have the new record.

It seems unlikely to think Harden could keep this up for much longer, as a bad game here and there is a natural occurrence in pro-basketball. Still, the fact that Harden has done it for this long at all is an awesome feat that only one other person has ever done before.

Love him or hate him, James Harden has been having one heck of a year.